Environmental Data: Discern Data Corp

Discern’s mission is to deliver data services for protecting and sustainably managing environmental resources and industrial assets in growth markets, thereby:

  • Supporting industrial infrastructure, commercial, and government partners to better monitor and manage resources,
  • Stopping environmental crime and saving wildlife and ecosystems which protects tourism and local jobs in these sectors,
  • Building capacity and creating jobs with technology skills in growth markets.


Discern intakes, analyzes and enhances data from a range of aerial, terrestrial and marine sensors (ie UAV’s, RFID, GPS), providing real-time actionable intelligence to companies, governments, NGOs and investors in context and at scale. This Data-as-a-Service model helps clients who seek not just information, but meaning from their data. Through shared infrastructure services, Discern collects and delivers data for multiple customers over vast geographies.  This helps drive efficiency and automation in the management of resources in the following sectors:

Oil & Gas – maritime security, rig inspections, insurance and SOX compliance

Infrastructure & Supply Chain - asset monitoring, inspection, logistics, supply chain optimization and security

Conservation – real-time data on environmental crimes, wildlife, and ecosystems for proactive enforcement

Agriculture - crop analysis and yield, soil survey, pesticide and water use optimization